Spending With Nothing

I’ve been saving up for plane tickets, so I’ve been looking for little ways to cut down on spending. Today, I thought that I should share my small catalog of deals with you. BCABAF26-B1A2-49CF-8978-EC5C5980B633.jpg

In January, you may have spotted me donning my favorite “Free Coffee & Tea” tumbler from Starbucks. For $40, I could pick up some free brewed coffee or tea everyday in the month of January. In addition, I purchased the tumbler on “Double Stars Day” so I got a free drink or treat to use for my next visit with Starbucks Rewards. While purchasing the tumbler, I was also ordering coffee and the barista was kind to fill my cup free of charge (back in December). That made me happy 🙂 As for January, I went to Starbucks religiously to make the most of it! With a grande brewed coffee at $2.45, the tumbler would pay for itself within 16 cups plus the actual cost of the tumbler. Sadly, January is over and I must find an alternative. I think Starbucks reeled me in with that deal ðŸ˜‰

Everyone knows that I’m a big fan of 7/11 and their loyalty program. They often have “Free Coffee Wednesdays” or “Free Coffee Week”. Be on the lookout for free coffee days! Those are good for any size coffee (including XXL) and any drink in the coffee bar. They have seasonal drinks like pumpkin spice lattes or the tasty caramel macchiato. For non-coffee drinkers, they also have hot chocolate and hot tea. At first, I didn’t think that I would like going to a gas station for my brew, but they have so many options! They have every coffee creamer known to man and every spice to make your coffee nice. Plus, the free mini marshmallows are great. Free coffee days occur often, so check your local store for details. February’s deal includes “Free Small Slurpee Saturdays”. All you need to do is scan the free 7/11 mobile app on your smartphone at checkout. No purchase necessary!

Are you a T-Mobile customer? Download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app to see what free items you can get on Tuesdays. Last week, I scored a free side of chicken at Panda Express. No purchase necessary! Oftentimes, they have free Wendy’s Frostys or Lyft rides. Occasionally, there will be free movies tickets or discount coupons.

UPDATE: 8:08am, 2/21/17: My good friend Hannah just told me to download the AMPM app. I just scored a free coffee and cheeseburger! This app has changed my life!

Final Tip 🙂 I recommend downloading restaurant reward apps because they will often drop some freebies from time to time. Farmer Boys dropped a free soup reward last week!

If you have any deals, please share with me–especially if it’s food related!

Happy hunting

❤ Fresh Ingridient


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