Long ago in February, I decided to check out some of the trendiest and yummiest goodies from the OC and LA area all in one place: the Crave Food Expo. With over 30 vendors, there were so many food options! Tickets were $5 and sponsored by Yelp.

From Mexican-inspired Japanese food to Halal, I had a great time at the food expo. Here are my thoughts:

ShakeRamen: This place was the determining factor for me deciding to go to the Crave Expo. They fill clear cups with neat layers of ramen noodles, bean sprouts, veggie sides, DSC_0912and a hardboiled egg. To top it off, they pour some broth and seal it like a boba drink. Your task is to shake it like a polaroid and consume! I picked the miso broth with a dash of spice. They are a food truck, so they will be around town. Usually, you can find them at the Santa Monica College. Definitely, ShakeRamen was one of my favorite vendors!   5/5 Ramen Cups

ShakeRamen’s Ramen Boba



Sweet Nothings: Coming from a family of professional amateur bakers, it’s hard to find a bakery that I like. I purchased 2 cake pops with their 50% off sale. I tried vanilla and chocolate. The coating of the vanilla pop was red and had an aftertaste. The vanilla cake part was okay. The chocolate pop lacked flavor inside and out. I wish I tried some of their other items. The chocolate cupcakes looked good, but the cake pops fell short. 2/5 Stars

Norigami:  I got some “mexican-inspired-japanese food”at Norigami. That included a taco that replaced a corn shell with nori, ground beef for poke, and lettuce for sushi rice. I DSC_0941also got some poke nachos. The employee neatly arranged the poke chips in the bowl. It was food art. 4.5/5 Stars

Norigami’s Taco and Poke Nachos


Mad Dumplings: The Bulgoggi Fries smelled mad good. I got the longanisa dumplings. They were pretty good, but next time I’ll get the fries. They were also pricey for the little amount of food that I got. 3/5 Stars


Chelo Creamery’s Rolled Ice Cream

Chelo Creamery: In the Philippines, I called it “fried ice cream”. In California, its called rolled ice cream! Always good wherever I go.  4/5 Stars


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