Long ago in February, I decided to check out some of the trendiest and yummiest goodies from the OC and LA area all in one place: the Crave Food Expo. With over 30 vendors, there were so many food options! Tickets were $5 and sponsored by Yelp. From Mexican-inspired Japanese food to Halal, I had a… Continue reading #CraveExpo


Spending With Nothing

I've been saving up for plane tickets, so I've been looking for little ways to cut down on spending. Today, I thought that I should share my small catalog of deals with you.  In January, you may have spotted me donning my favorite "Free Coffee & Tea" tumbler from Starbucks. For $40, I could pick… Continue reading Spending With Nothing

Cafe Maji

My little trip to Cafe Maji in Artesia, CA ❤ I had learned about Cafe Maji through a friend who posted a collage on Twitter. After seeing her photos, I knew that I had to visit! After extensively researching on Yelp, I was amazed by their snow affogatos. There were videos of guests pouring some unknown liquid on… Continue reading Cafe Maji